Panasonic Living Showroom Workshop

Workshop on TRAVEL-O'-Graphy

If you love to travel, if you love to photograph while traveling, if you are bored of your routine job and willing to learn more to work towards your passion for travel and photography, then this Panasonic Workshop, TRAVEL-O'-Graphy, is for You.
The well known Photojournalist and Writer, Ms Hema Narayanan, will be leading this workshop and will enable you to understand how one can knit "Travel" and "Photography" (= Travel-O'-Graphy) and educate you with her experiences, recommendations and tips that any Traveler and/or Photographer can benefit from.
This workshop will cover topics that include, reasons why you should travel the world (Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn), the Role of Photography in your Travel Experiences (Hit the road, Click the Shutter) and how can you get better at weaving both these together. In addition, Hema will talk about integral techniques which you can put to use from here on and finally, tips on how to create a Visual story from your Travels.
Come, join us on this unique Panasonic workshop on Travel-O'-Graphy for 2 hours at the Panasonic Living Showroom. Get educated and inspired all at once!

Workshop Moderated by Ms Hema Narayanan - The Well known Photojournalist and Writer
Women Photography Moderator