Table Top Gardening Workshop

The latest brilliant trend in gardening is all about thinking small - so think tabletop, think windowsill, think wall hanging. You can create a tiny, container garden in any place you can spare.
For once it doesn't matter how big your outside space is, it doesn't matter if you have an outdoor space at all, everyone can have a go at this. It's small and concentrated, with a huge attention to detail. Every pot and every petal is important.
But it's not bonsai, it's wonderfully instant, you don't have to nurture your plants for months and years to get a beautiful effect. It's also easy and you can appreciate this garden whatever the season, whatever the weather. More and more people are cottoning on to this lovely way to bring nature indoors.
If you look closely, you may see all things precious with the plants. An excellent way to start a day is by working with nature in an exceedingly positive manner learn of all things inexperienced, not only outdoors but also indoor and on top of your table. Get your hands dirty – we are able to cut and prune! Plant a seed and watch it grow by the moon. Grow your own veggies and herbs too on window-skills, balconies, roofs and on top of the table with a view.
So join us at Panasonic Living Showroom for fun, learning the craft of indoor and table top gardening.
No matter how large or small, find a corner or a little space on top of your table at home you can dedicate to plants. We can help, plan and design the ideal environment for you in our workshop.
Workshop moderated by the Professional Gardening Expert. who is specialized at indoor and Table top gardening.

Workshop Moderated by

Devi Ravindran

  • Innovative Gardener Herself
  • She is very passionate towards her plants and she decided to take it forward as her career and she Founded "The Urban Orchid Boutique" along with her husband Gobind
  • Devi worked for overall 13 years of customer service industry before deciding to pursue her passion of growing flowering plants that includes Orchids
  • Gobind, a hospitality professional has diverse management experience in the service industry and works for a fortune 500 company
  • They lives in Bangalore with their 3 ½ year old daughter and their cat Kunju, surrounded by orchids and other flowering plants.

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