Panasonic Living Showroom Workshop

Workshop on Organic and Hydroponics Gardening

When it comes to eating healthy, the top most question in everyone’s mind is where do you get the best organic produce in the city? To which the Panasonic Workshop's reply is, “why don’t you grow your own”!!
To most people, growing their own food on balconies, terraces, in pots or in the ground seems difficult, inconceivable. The usual concerns about composting are always the same “Doesn’t it smell” “How do you do it in an apartment”?
Do you want to be equipped with the knowledge to grow your own herbs and vegetables? Do you want to convert an open space into an environmentally sustainable, edible garden? Do you think gaining experience by doing it on your own will help?
Then this is the right gardening workshop for you. Learn to create your own sustainable edible garden in this 2 hours workshop with the organic gardeners of the Panasonic Workshop.
Do you want to do the same with hydroponics? That's much better, because we are also providing hydroponics session along with this organic gardening workshop.
We also provide details of the vendor and the garden care team where you can find the right hydroponics equipments and the initial garden set up for your space.

Experience Description

The workshop focuses on growing food in small urban spaces and is aimed to demystify and simplify the food growing and composting processes. The objective is to give people the tools and skills to compost and grow their own vegetables confidently. The way the workshop is structured, it leaves participants with the confidence to experiment and not give up because they failed once and to try again until it works.
Within the 2 hours workshop, there will be a series of three mini-workshops in which participants will be shown the HOW and WHY along with the WHAT – i.e. the science and the theory along with the practical how-to-do-it steps will be taught.

You will learn how to

  • Make an ideal potting soil
  • Urban permaculture - make your own soil
  • Home composting
  • Terrace & balcony growing of herbs & vegetables
  • Planting techniques and how to tend to your vegetables/herbs
  • Simple pest management
  • Hydroponics Gardening

Workshop Moderator Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash - Farmer in Chief - The Pet Bharo Project

Why we love this?

The Panasonic Workshop brings the magic of growing one’s own food SUSTAINBLY into people’s lives. The main objective of Panasonic Workshops is to bring simple and valuable solutions into people's everyday lives.