Workshop on Mindful Meditation with Music

Meditation is the art of looking inside and discovering one's own inner being. Meditation leads us not only to totally new inner experiences but helps us also to transform our day-to-day life into a better, more meaningful and more fulfilling existence.
Join Panasonic Workshops on guided music meditation, for an exploration of meditation & relaxation techniques for stress reduction, and experience the power that music & sound has to heal and bring us to a peaceful state of being. In the workshop, the trainer will be using the sound to open and balance our energy systems.
You don't need to be a singer to receive the uplifting, prayerful and joyful energy that comes with conscious vocalization. Youll leave with foundational meditation practices that you can take home for your personal and/or professional use as well as an open heart and peaceful mind!
Perfect for beginners as well as more seasoned mediators. Meditation is something we experience ourselves. Reading about meditation is not sufficient, we need to practice and learn the art of meditation.
In our workshops, we offer a few simple meditation and concentration exercises with music that you can practice daily and benefit yourselves.

Benefits of Meditation

There is increasing interest in the various benefits of meditation. Many studies have shown regular meditation can help alleviate symptoms of stress and aid physical health. Meditation can also give many other benefits. Some of the practical guidelines for learning meditation and making it part of your daily practices.

Workshop Moderated by

Yamuna G - Meditation Workshop Moderator

  • Certified Yoga Instructor & Guinness Record Holder
  • She have been practicing Yoga from school days and professional wise from past 5 years.
  • She is a certified Yoga Instructor, she holds more than 20 certificates from Karnataka Govt Recognized Yoga Organizations.
  • She have participated in many National and State level competitions and she stood 1st in all the state level competitions and 2nd in National level.
  • She hold a certificate from Guniness World Records for Sirsasana (Head stand pose).

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