Panasonic Living Showroom Workshop

Workshop on Container Gardening

Do you have a green thumb but limited gardening space?
This workshop will teach you how to create a productive garden using containers in limited spaces. This is useful for anyone with backyards, a balcony, and everything in between.
Learn to grow with Panasonic Workshops. Come be a part of Panasonic’s container gardening workshop by the professional Container Gardener. Get your hands dirty, join us for a productive and fun filled Saturday morning. Learn all about container gardening and set up your own kitchen garden.
Post this workshop, anybody can have their own container garden in terrace or balcony or in other suitable places, in the organic way.
The topics covered during this workshop are
  1. Need and necessity of Urban farming
  2. Concept of organic vegetables
  3. Growing vegetables in containers
  4. Plant care in container gardening
  5. Demonstration of Terrace gardening practices
Workshop Moderated by Dr Rajendra Hegde
Dr.Rajendra Hegde is one of the founder members of Garden City Farmers (GCF) and closely working with Dr. B.N.Viswanath, who is a pioneer of Organic Urban Farming and Terrace Gardening in the Country.
Rajendra Hegde is a doctorate in Agricultural Entomology from University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, specialized in integrated pest management. He has worked at various capacities, involving in both urban and rural agriculture activities, in corporate as well as development sectors.