Panasonic Living Showroom Workshop

Workshop on Positive Parenting


A practical parenting workshop that aims to equip you with the essential tools you need to raise independent and resourceful children. Learn how to better understand your kids and your own parenting style while being an effective and communicative parent to your child every step of the way.

Why Positive Parenting?

  • Learn compelling and creative strategies to engage children at specific ages (0-6, 7-12, 13-19)
  • Enjoy dynamic exchange of ideas and anecdotes with fellow participants
  • Hear timeless parenting principles backed by trusted research from parenting experts

Topics Covered in the Workshop

  • Learning to read your child's cues
  • How to say "Yes" and "No", effectively
  • What lies beneath children's misbehavior?
  • Hidden reason why we discipline children
  • Balancing on work life and being a mother
  • Better Parenting with a joint family
  • Familiarizes on nutrition for kids
  • Your child's discipline with right behaviour
  • Resolve the Common behavioural issues in children in different age groups 

Customized Parenting methods by age group

Workshop Moderated by Fathima Khader - Child Care Specialist
Is a parent consultant and holds an international Parent coach training Mastery certification from ACPI, USA.
As an ACPI inspired student and learner, she facilitates and supports their vision of positive transformation in human relationships, featuring the science of parenting and the art of coaching in bonding, connection and responsiveness.
She provides structures and strategies to assist parents and families through issues, transitions, communication and discipline. Each learning and sharing sessions, lays emphasis on emotional skills and self regulation, how core temperaments influence behaviours and adaptive skills.
She is also certified parent coach under the Responsible Childcare Course and extensively conducts childcare programs for parents, teachers and childcare providers across corporates and schools and founder, EvolveED.
Having worked with more than 15,000 parents and 150,000 children, she works towards co evolving and transforming lives, Parenthood and families.


  • Parents with children between 0-6, 7-12 and 13-19 years of age
  • Grandparents and primary caregivers
  • Parent Support Groups seeking a well-structured, practical curriculum with small group discussions
  • Educators (e.g. Family Life Educators, Preschool Teachers, etc)
All the attendees will be given a Certificate for the workshop signed by

 Ms Fathima Khader - Parent Consultant, Certified in International Parent Coach Training Mastery - ACPI, USA