Panasonic Living Showroom Workshop

Workshop on Baking and Confectionery

Going by the rise in home bakers in the city, baking seems to have gained a following and how! With passionate bakers experimenting with flavours and ingredients, we wouldn’t be surprised if you feel driven to give it a try too.
After all, what could be better than making your own baked treats and devouring them? And, if you’re wondering how to get going about it, we have organized a Workshop on Baking and Confectionery in the city for you to check out at Panasonic Living Showroom, Lavalle Road. This is how you can have your cake and eat it too!
Love those elaborate tiered cakes, cute cupcakes and perfectly baked pies? Join the workshop and you’ll get to know how to make them all yourself! With this Workshop, you get to learn the basics of bread to savoury bakes and specialty cakes or desserts.
Our workshop moderator will make sure you get the basics right so you can make as many variants of cakes as you can imagine. Don’t let the lack of baking equipment stop you from pursuing your passion.
In our workshop, you'll learn basics of baking, various methods of baking with various equipments, a live demonstration of baking and you get to take away a recipe booklet of all you've learned.
Workshop Moderated by Mr Manish Gaur - Institute of baking and cake art