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Smart Weight Management Workshop

Stop fad dieting, start losing weight, and reshape your life.
Master the psychology of weight loss.

Our workshops are designed for both the public and practitioners.

No advanced knowledge of diet , biology, or psychology is needed

Learn how to improve your health and vitality, utilizing cutting-edge psychology

The Smart Weight Management workshop is delivered in two stages.

Stage 1
During the workshop, you will learn to increase your own positive health behaviors, whether that be focused on losing weight or some other health goal. This step will be of most relevance to the public and also to practitioners who wish to see how to manage the weight in smart ways.

Stage 2
After the workshop, you will receive an a support material that will help you to practice positive health behaviors. This step will help practitioners consolidate what they learned in step 1. It will also be of interest to members of the public, who wish to deepen their understanding of the science behind Smart Weight Management.

(Important note: Smart Weight Management workshops are educational, and are not intended as therapy.)

Why Smart Weight Management?

Why diets, pills & fitness fads won’t work – and a new, psychological approach to weight loss that will!

Have you or your clients tried again and again to lose weight? The pills, the diets, the meal replacements; positive thinking, exercise machines and gruelling workouts? Have you succeeded for a short time, only to find that you put the weight right back on? Are you tired of beating yourself up about your body? Are you tired of making your life so much about weight loss? If so, this workshop is for you.

The ‘Smart Weight Management’ workshop is a unique, powerful, one-day program for well-being and weight loss. And unlike all the other weight loss approaches out there, we have good scientific evidence that our program works

The ‘Smart Weight Management’ workshop will reveal the problems with most popular weight loss programs. And it will shatter many popular myths, such as in order to lose weight you need to think positively, or count every calorie. It will show you why fad diets inevitably fail in the long term, and why even the most sensible of diets can easily backfire if you approach it in the wrong mindset. And most importantly of all, you’ll discover what you can do to create a richer, fuller life - right here, right now – instead of waiting until the day you’ve reached your ideal weight or body size.

We show you how to apply Weight Management principles to others by learning how to apply them to yourselves.

You will learn
  • How to develop self-compassion?
  • How to effectively handle urges, cravings, and difficult thoughts and feelings?
  • How to identify what you most want in life, and set meaningful goals?
  • How to take control of your actions, so you can behave like the person you want to be?
  • How to motivate yourself in the face of ongoing challenges?
  • How to use values and strengths to give your life direction, and make it richer and more rewarding?
  • How to eat mindfully and intuitively (and thereby get far more satisfaction from your food)?
  • How to overcome common psychological barriers to healthy eating?
  • And how to live fully in the present moment?

Moderated by the well known Circuit Runner and Director of Contours Mrs Chandra Gopalan
Chandra Gopalan
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